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TREMONT, Ill. (WMBD) — Robots battled for gold in the Tremont High School gym, Saturday, Oct. 23, at the First Robotics competition in two years.

Tremont’s First Robotics Team 2482, the Roboteers, had the chance to host their first “Roboteer Rumble,” inviting 18 teams to compete in the off-season competition.

This year, the challenge was to build a robot that could shoot foam balls into a raised goal and lift itself up onto a metal apparatus at the end. Ben Martin, a mentor for the Roboteers, said there are 18 rounds, leading to a final match.

“They get points for that,” Martin said. “Based on their scores in multiple matches they get seated, and then they get paired up on three-team alliances and play off against each other at the end.”

Martin said the sport is something many people don’t know about and said it’s a great opportunity to host the event, bringing local attention to robotic competitions.

“One of the things we’re really trying to do here is helping engage the community,” Martin said. “Get them really interested in what’s going on here so they could possibly get involved as well.”

Martin said he’s been involved in First Robotics for more than a decade and said the competition inspires kids to pursue interests in science, technology, engineering, and math.

“You can maybe be a little intimidated that you may not know this stuff right off the bat but the point is that by being involved, that’s where you learn, and you learn how to use these skills. You really get a jump start on college and really being effective at work and real life.”

One Roboteers teammate and a junior at Tremont High School, Sean Connell, said the team is like a family, and he’s happy to be back competing again.

“It’s just very enlightening to be able to see the support and be able to see everyone so happy about being able to compete this year,” Connell said.

The regular season will kick off at a match at Bradley University in March.

To learn more, visit First Illinois Robotics‘ website.

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