Trip Advisor awards Delta and American Airlines as two of travelers’ favorite airlines

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Trip Advisor has announced its top airlines for the year, and some fly in and out of airports right here in Central Illinois.

Delta and American Airlines account for a large percentage of the traffic at PIA.

Trip Advisor recently announced its Travelers’ Choice Awards, and both these airlines were announced as some of Flyer’s Favorite Airlines.

Delta was announced as the best major airline in the Best Overall category, and American Airlines received the Best Premium Economy award in the Class of Service category.

Both of these airlines are part of the back bone of the Peoria International Airport, and make Central Illinois a solid choice to travel by air.

“We can get you to most of the places within the United States with one hop.  They provide network accessibility that gets you just about any place you want to go, in the whole world,” said PIA’s Director of Airports Gene Olson.

“We like to think that all four of our airlines are the best, but when you look at Delta and American specifically, they’re a little over half of our traffic.  They go to five major hubs,” said Olson.

Between the two airlines, travelers can fly to major cities like Atlanta, Minneapolis, Chicago, Dallas, and Charlotte.

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