NORMAL, Ill (WMBD) — Trump supporters from the Twin Cities returned home Thursday afternoon after participating in the “Stop the Steal” Rally.

The group of 49 said the thousands of supporters were “reminiscent of Dr. Martin Luther King” and said they didn’t see any violence or rioting first hand. Group organizer David Paul Blumenshine said the mood was celebratory and the president promoted peace during his speech.

“There were other speakers that day, but the president was just magnificent, he also continued to preach peace and a peaceful protest,” Blumenshine said. “Upon delivering his message, along Constitution Ave and Pennsylvania Ave, people marched, reminiscent of Dr. Martin Luther King.”

Blumenshine said the group from Normal did not participate in the “small group” that breached the Capitol Building and condemned the group that turned the event into a deadly tragedy. He said all forms of political violence should be prosecuted.

“We are a people of law and order and the constitution. It should be applied equally. Those people that breeched the capitol yesterday need to be swiftly brought to justice and held accountable for their actions,” Blumenshine said.

Blumenshine said the goals of his bus trip were to promote the “good things” President Trump did that “gets overlooked by the media.”

“It was a day to celebrate what our president has done (and) the service he’s provided. Whether you agree or don’t agree with the president, he still is the president of USA,” Blumenshine said.

Although Congress did confirm the Electoral College votes to finally confirm President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over Trump, he said they’re “just getting started putting America first.”

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