Twin Cities election officials go over how voting by mail will work this year

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MCLEAN COUNTY, Ill. (WMBD) — Election officials in the Twin Cities are saying they’re already receiving more vote by mail requests than ever before and to avoid confusion while voting this year, leaders in McLean County want to go over the steps to take if you do choose to vote by mail.

A recently passed law in Illinois requires all election authorities to mail voting applications to anyone who has voted in the past three years.

But the executive director of the Bloomington Election Commission, Tim Mitchell says you may be receiving letters with their address, even though they aren’t from them.

“There are other groups that are allowed to do it, there is nothing to prevent an organization from mailing out a voting application to a registered voter,” said Mitchell.

McLean county clerk Kathy Michael says you also may receive multiple letters.

“This is just the application, so if you get two or three don’t worry about that, if you’re concerned it’s not the real thing ours is on our Facebook page and we have a copy here,” said Michael.

Another concern is that these outside companies are sending applications but getting people’s credentials wrong. Michael says one organization has plugged incorrect birthdays on a handful of letters.

“These organizations did not get their information from our office and we verify once they tell us who they are and they tell us their birthday and it is correct in our system,” said Michael.

Michael says the clerk’s office is closely monitoring false applications.

“If it’s not a legitimate application we will call you immediately and get you the right one so you don’t have to worry about it,” said Michael.

If you do send in multiple applications Michael says their system will only process one of them.

Both Michael and Mitchell say you should be receiving their applications within the next few days.

Once you send in your application you won’t receive your physical ballot until after Sept. 24th.

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