NORMAL, Ill. (WMBD) — In Normal, two tenth-grade teens accomplished something many dreams of but very few do.

Normal Community High School students, Pranathi Ganti and Siddharth Bhumpelli scored a 36 on their ACT tests that they took last semester. In the U.S. high school graduating class of 2021 only 4,055 out of the 1.29 million that took the ACT aced the test.

Ganti and Bhumpelli said they prepared for the test by using ACT prep books and taking practice exams on the weekends.

Ganti said she took the test to see how she’d do and was surprised to see the perfect score. Bhumpelli said he hugged his mom and jumped with excitement when he got the news.

Ganti said when taking the test to trust your instincts.

“The answer that’s most obvious, 99% of the time that’s the answer that’s correct, and it sounds cliché when I say it, but trust in your gut, going with your first instinct is important,” Ganti said.

Bhumpelli said the biggest thing is to prepare for the test using practice exams and study books.

“I would say start prepping early, the earlier, the better, and you don’t want to cram everything into a last-minute situation, and it’s better to space it out, maybe do a practice test a weekend,” Bhumpelli said.

Both students said their tentative plans are to go to college and study medicine, but a lot could change in two years.