Two people were killed crossing Veterans Parkway last fall; police say drivers not at fault

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TWIN CITIES, Ill. — Two pedestrians were killed crossing the street in the Twin Cities last fall, but police say, it’s not the drivers fault.

18-year-old Reginald Hubbert, of Bloomington, and 25-year-old Vincent Shorten, of Normal, were killed less than a month away from each other. Both were trying to cross veterans parkway but were struck by cars in the process.

The Normal and Bloomington Police Departments launched investigations on the incidents, and after months of gathering evidence, they were able to determine both drivers had not been under the influence or were on their phone.

These incidents prompted the llinois Department of Transportation to examine the roadway. As a result the agency has announced it will be conducting a 2-year study which will culminate in the creation of multiple crosswalks. However, until that is complete, officers are asking you to be careful when crossing veterans parkway.

“Veterans Parkway is almost 12 lanes long, so you really need to go to a crosswalk,” said BPD Spokesman, John Fermon. “You might have to walk a block to use the crosswalk, but in order to be extra careful when crossing Veterans Parkway, the walk is necessary.”

Both departments saythe drivers will not be recieving any citations.

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