PEKIN, Ill. (WMBD) — A restaurant in Pekin is close to closing its doors, but the owner is holding out hope for a comeback. Two P’s. a restaurant known for its pizza, is temporarily closed. Owner Christina Abatie, says that she has missed interacting with the local community.

“I’ve seen 21 year olds sit and talk with 70 year olds for hours at a time, I’ve seen people come in daily and they see the same people or new people and they form these relationships and we become their family and so the thought of losing that, that’s what does me in, the people, it’s all the people for me,” said Abatie.

The restaurant has fallen on hard times due to rising costs and other factors. Abatie said that she appreciates the support she has received from Pekin citizens and other restaurants in the area. She also said that she would even consider making the restaurant into a nonprofit business if that could save it.

Two P’s is located in a less busy section of the city. Abatie said that the location adds to the charm of the place.

“I like the off the beaten path places, they are more special, I’m not a strip mall type of person, I wouldn’t want to move, I like this spot,” Abatie said.

If interested in helping out, Abatie posted her Venmo and PayPal accounts on the restaurant’s Facebook page.