U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin expects infrastructure bill to pass soon

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WMBD) — U.S. Senator Dick Durbin said President Joe Biden’s infrastructure could become law soon.

He believes it’s going to pass as early as next week. Senator Durbin said it invests $1 trillion into roads, bridges, buses, and more. He said the bill was bi-partisan from the start. On Wednesday, he said all democrats support it and about half of the republicans.

Sen. Durbin said this bill is important for the country’s economy.

“It’s a dramatic infusion of federal dollars into the state of Illinois,” said Durbin. “Federal money that we sent to Washington is coming home and we’re going to use it to create good-paying jobs and make a better infrastructure to create a better economy.”

The latest Gallup poll shows President Biden’s approval rating is at 42 percent. Senator Durbin said the pandemic is partly to blame. He tells people to encourage their friends and family to get vaccinated, so the pandemic can end soon.

“People are still fighting COVID, they want it to go away and be done with, and they don’t realize frankly, it’s not in the President’s hands so much as our own,” said Durbin.

Sen. Durbin said some people will disagree with the President’s policies no matter what.

“But here’s the bottom line, if we can end up making life better, the cost of living cheaper and more affordable, and reduce the tax burden on middle income and working families, I think we’ll do just fine,” said Sen. Durbin.

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