A car dealership in central Illinois celebrates it’s 35th anniversary of when it first opened for business.

Gary Uftring, of Uftring Chevrolet, began his career in the auto business at the age of 17, as a vehicle detailer.

Uftring purchased the Chevrolet Oldsmobile dealership in Washington and has since serves thousands of people throughout central Illinois. The dealership has been in the same location since 1986 and now employees over 100 team members.

“We started out in a small little one car showroom and within a couple of years we outgrew that,” says Gary Uftring. “We built this facility and then we’ve expanded this facility two times since it was built.”

Tomorrow will be the Run the Gig 1K and 5K run at the dealership. The event helps benefit the Blind Center in Peoria.

The run begins at 8 a.m.