Unique pet adoptions are common at Peoria County Animal Protection Services

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PEORIA, Ill. — In about a week and a half, Peoria County Animal Protection Services has had two unique animals up for adoption.

They’ve recently had two pigs up for adoption and both have now found their ‘fur’ever homes.

The most recent was Hank the potbelly pig, who was brought in just after the start of the year. He was adopted on Thursday.

“We’re an open admission shelter, so we turn no animal away. So we’ll take anything in that people have and sometimes people have some things that are considered pets that are a little strange,” said PCAPS Director Becky Spencer.

She says unconventional pets are common, but making sure your home is suitable is key.

“With any pet, you want to do your research. What kind of environment do they need to live in, what kind of food they have to eat, what are their needs for exercise and play? So, with a pig, you have to do the same research,” said Spencer.

Spencer says pigs like Hank can grow to weigh a couple hundred pounds.

And while Hank is no longer up for adoption, PCAPS has plenty of other animals looking for loving families.

“Nothing is crazy or shocking in our business. We’ve had, over the years, we’ve had an alligator, we’ve had foxes, that were people’s pets. We also deal with wildlife, so if they’re sick or injured they come to our door, so it’s never really shocking,” said Spencer.

Currently, the shelter has cats, dogs, two guinea pigs, and a rabbit up for adoption.

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