Unit 5 is trying to improve their student transportation system; It could mean the end for First Student

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NORMAL, Ill. — For weeks now Unit 5 Board members have been brainstorming ways to improve the transportation system. On Wednesday they took it a step further by approving a future contract with a possible consultant agency. 

Superintendent Mark Daniel says, since the spring, the board has been bombarded with complaints about students being picked up and or dropped off late. They’ve also had to deal with a shortage of bus drivers.

This agreement means leaders can start talking to agencies about ways to improve the current system. 

Daniel says Wednesday night’s action doesn’t mean they are dropping First Student, but leaders are leaving the door open. 

“We truly believe that if First Student can turn it around and be able to provide the service then again we need to seriously consider them,” said Daniel. “But, we also need to consider other companies as well.”

The school board will begin searching for a consultant agency immediately.

Board members say they are hoping to fix the transportation issues as soon as possible.


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