Unit 5 may use help from an outside agency to find the next superintendent

Local News

NORMAL, Ill. —  The Unit 5 School Board met Wednesday night for what was their first meeting since Superintendent Mark Daniel announced his resignation.

Daniel who announced he would resign on Monday, used the opportunity to tell community about his plans. Immediately afterword, Board President Barry Hitchins discussed the possibility of hiring an outside agency to assist in the search for the new superintendent.

The agency, school exec connect, had two representatives outline how they would go about the search if the board wants to approve a contract with them. They say, because the district leaders have jobs outside of serving on the board, hiring them will help the process go smoother and more efficiently.

“Rather than just putting an advertising out in ink and seeing who will apply, we know superintendents who are out there,” said Diane Robertson with School Exec Connect. “It appears the board is intending to sign a contract with us, so we will wait and see and if they do vote to hire us at their next board meeting.” 

The board will make the final decision on whether to hire School Exec Connect at their next meeting on September 25th. If they choose to do so, the agency will begin their search process on October 2nd. 

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