Unit 5 still undecided on whether to retain First Student

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NORMAL, Ill. — Unit 5 has not yet made the decision on whether to retain First Student as the transportation company for next year.

On Wednesday, representatives from First Student spoke to the board to convince them to do so, this after months of complaints from parents about late busses. 

Those with first student said there are two issues contributing to the late busses, one, a there is bus driver shortage, not just in Unit 5 but in Illinois as well.

The second, they say, is about 8-10 drivers call out each day, causing other drivers to pick up their route.

In an effort to combat the issue the representatives announced plans to implement a mobile app that would give parents the opportunity to monitor the busses in real time. 

It would also give drivers the ability to find the quickest routes. 

First Student says that app would be ready as soon as next fall.

However, after their presentation board member Kyle Trask said the district has not removed the possibility of switching to a different bus company. Citing that he himself has had issues with contacting First Student when the busses were late this past school year.

There was no official action taken by the board on Wednesday.

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