BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — The Miller Park Zoo has released an update on King Julian, a ring-tailed lemur that was found in a Bloomington garage last week.

According to a press release, Julian is accepting food, cooperating with zoo team members and enjoying enrichment activities that the zookeepers provide multiple times a day.

“These enrichment activities are intended to encourage species-specific behaviors in ring-tailed lemurs, such as natural foraging activities and scent marking,” the press release stated.

The medical tests performed on Julian have shown that he has a high number of internal parasites. Zoo staff are working under the guidance of veterinarians experienced with primate health to help monitor health concerns.

“On a very happy note,” Miller Park Zoo Director Jay Pratte said. “Julian is thriving while learning how to be the lemur he was born to be! “

Authorities are still looking for the owners of the lemur, and anyone with information on Julian’s origins is encouraged to reach out to the Illinois Conservation Police at 1-8772DNRLAW (236-7529).