BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — King Julien, the ring-tailed lemur that shocked Central Illinois with his mysterious arrival is doing great.

In January he was found in a Bloomington family’s garage who then turned him over to the Illinois Department of Natural Resources. King Julien is being housed at the Miller Park Zoo.

If there is no legal battle then IDNR can officially turn him over to the zoo. However because Miller Park Zoo does not have ring-tailed lemurs he will have to be moved to another zoo or sanctuary.

“I think there will probably be some sadness. They’ll be sad to see him go because they’ve watched him develop and we were all so invested in this full process,” said Jay Pratte, Director of Miller Park Zoo. “But they also know it’s the right thing. I am absolutely sure that wherever he goes we’ll get to keep tabs on him, we’ll get updates. And we’ll be able to hopefully share that publicly so everyone knows what King Julien’s adventure will be.”

Due to the investigation and climate, King Julien is not in an open habitat for the public.