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U.S. gymnasts train in East Peoria for the World Championships in Russia

East Peoria, Ill - In less than 2 months, U.S. gymnasts are heading across the world to Russia for one of the biggest

competitions of their entire lives.  I was able to speak with all of the gymnasts representing the Midwest

region of the United States and learned about the process of training, and what they are looking forward to

most of all.

Alex Renkert from USA Olympics says, "It's a super awesome feeling to represent USA, my first world championships was in 2010, so I feel kind of aged and ready to do this again."
Tristan Van Natta, who also looks forward to competing in November says, "Now that we're getting a month, a month and a half out,  it's a lot more quality and quantity numbers than what we were previously doing a couple of months ago."

Many of the all-star gymnasts favorite part of what they do is each other.

"I feel really close to the teammates and everyone, and I'm really excited to make a lot of memories,"

says Lacey Jenkins.

"I'm looking forward to being with my teammates like all supporting each other," says Morgan Van


Lacey Jenkins is from Illinois, and says the training facility in Fon Du Lac park is one of the best she's

been to in the state.

"I have been to about 30 gyms within the last 2 years, and this is definitely one of the nicer facilities I've

been in."  

Trinity Van natta is looking forward to competing next to her sister, and also under her head coach, who

is 2-time Olympian, Amber Van Natta, who is also her mother.

"It's very competitive, on my side because she's 4 years older than me and our mom is also our


The team takes off for Russia in early November, and hopes to come back with many first place





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