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USSSA Softball Tournament skyrockets Peoria's economy

Peoria, Ill - This weekend one hundred and twenty softball teams came to peoria

To play in a tournament at the Louisville Slugger Sports Complex.

The Louisville Slugger Complex is putting softball on the map in Peoria.

The enormous dome has two fields inside of it, and is surrounded by ten more. 

Jack Friederich, director of digital marketing says, "We've got roughly 120 teams spanning primarily the state of Illinois, but also a few coming from the greater Midwest.  So it's a huge tournament, we've got a ton of people out here and it really is helping the economy of Peoria overall.

Friederich says the sports complex is taking softball to the next level.

"It's supposed to be the best of the best coming here to the Louisville Slugger Sports Complex and having a really great time at this softball tournament."

And the sports dome is huge

"A one-hundred and twenty-five thousand square foot dome," says Friederich.

There were multiple local teams in the tournament, one being the Elmhurst Blue Devils. Mark Westphal's daughter plays for the Blue Devils, and he says he's very impressed by the complex's facilities.

"It's awesome for the girls, great facility.  Everything that's here, fantastic.

 Ed White is the Assistant State Director for the Illinois USSSA, and he says the tournament benefits Peoria's economy greatly.

"I think people rely on the community more so now than they have ever in the years past.  Just as a result of all the teams that have flocked down to Peoria for this great event."

The Louisville Slugger Sports Complex is known to be one of the largest and greatest softball facilities in the country.

White says, "People love coming to the Louisville Slugger facility to play.  It is one of the premiere facilities in the Midwest." 

Tournament play will continue until Sunday, where the Illinois State USSSA tournament will hold it's championship.

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