Valeska Hinton students build ice sculpture

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Peoria public schools have been closed the past few days due to frigid weather. In order to make up for missed time in school teachers have implemented learning-at-home activities.

Valeska Hinton teacher, Mary Keltner, found a creative way to keep students engaged.

“That morning I was like what can I do to bring the community together and encourage our classrooms to have some fun on this cold cold day. And, so I told them when life gives you frozen lemons make an ice sculpture,” Keltner said.

During their days off students were given the assignment of making mini ice sculptures with their parents.

“I think it’s an amazing experience for parents because my belief is that the parent is the first teacher in a child’s life,” Keltner said,

Friday teachers, parents and students brought the mini sculptures they made at home together to create a bigger and colorful sculpture.

Valeska Hinton parent, Lauren Wulf says this was a good experience for her children.

“I was really happy though that there was this opportunity today to kinda get them out of the house and get them to be able to do an activity together when their classrooms are very separate and they don’t always get to see each other,” Wulf said.

Wulf has two sons, one of them in general education and the other in special education. She was elated to see both of her sons working together towards one goal.

“It’s wonderful I really love that Valeska is very inclusive in trying to ensure that everyone gets inequitable education,” Wulf said.

The kids were very excited to make the sculpture and learned a lot about the science of freezing in the process. When the students return to school Keltner says she will have them compare and contrast the sculpture and discuss melting and the reduction in size.

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