PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Thursday marks four years since Peoria woman Alexis Camry Scott vanished.

She was last seen at a party in Peoria on Richmond Avenue. Family spokesperson Dusti Moultrie said it is difficult to know that she still has not been found.

She said the family met with Peoria Police Monday, but they learned there are not many updates in the case.

“Unfortunately, there hasn’t been a lot,” said Moultrie. “I guess you can really call her a cold case. We don’t get tips like we used to, at all, really.”

Moultrie said the family wants closure and asks for people who might know something about the case to speak up.

“If you know anything if maybe your mind is clearer now, where maybe then it wasn’t, even if you heard it from somebody who heard it from somebody, there is nothing too small,” said Moultrie.

She said in 2021, friends and family are not planning a march. Alexis’ mother asked people to pray in her honor Thursday.