BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — Volunteers in Bloomington built twin bed frames for local kids on Saturday.

Organizers said the bed blitz gives kids a safe place to sleep and helps families across Mclean county.

“At the end of the day today 90 students, 90 kids in our community, some of them will be sleeping in the bed for the first time,” said bed blitz program director Robert Bosquez.

Nearly 200 volunteers worked to build the beds and deliver some to families too.

“It’s really just a couple hours and if it helps 90 kids today, that’s great and it just feels wonderful to be out here and support this great organization,” said volunteer Ray Wilkinson.

Bosquez said there’s a large need for this in the community.

“We received 257 applications,” said Bosquez.

The bed blitz program started six years ago. Bosquez has many benefits for the students it helps.

“Get a good night’s rest, which leads to a good day, better production in school,” said Bosquez.

The program was on pause during the pandemic, and now, demand is high. This is the second event this year, after a smaller bed blitz over the summer.

“90 beds will put a big dent in this. We knew that the need would probably be a bit more this year due to covid last year,” said Bosquez.

Volunteers and donations help make this possible.

“Actually get a grant from our national organization to help with some of the costs,” said Wilkinson.

But the focus is who they’re helping and the lives it’s changing.

“This day makes it worthwhile, especially when we see families and the smiles on their faces,” said Bosquez.