TAZEWELL COUNTY — Tazewell County neighbors have not received their voter registration cards and took to social media to express their concerns.

Erin Rockhill-Brown mentioned the clerk’s office on Facebook, asking when cards will be available. Rockhill-Brown said county clerk, John Ackerman, told the public cards would be delivered by the end of August.

Ackerman said the precinct redistricting complicated the process of verifying addresses which caused the delay. He said by Dec. 18 they have to “purge” their voter registration system which means doing an overhaul of records. After that date, cards need to be mailed out in a timely manner.

Ackerman said he believes they will wrap up in the next week and a half then start sending cards in the mail.

For those who want their information right now, he said there are other ways to access it.

“Any resident that is curious wanting to know what precinct they are in [and] what voting district all that information is available on our website now,” Ackerman said. “They’re welcome to go and take a look it has been since July 31 when the new precincts were made.”

He encourages you to call the office if you need more information about where you should be voting.