Voter turnout increases for Peoria City Council primary

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Voter turnout increased in this year’s Peoria City Council at-large election.

14 names were on the ballot, and after the votes are officially talllied, 10 candidates will move on.

Voter turnout came in at 10.7 percent, which may not seem like much, but the Election Commission says they’ve never seen turnout over 10 percent for a City Council at-large primary.

“I think there was some increased interest because you have a lot of people on the ballot that’s gonna drive some of the turnout, and I think there’s a lot of issues that are driving some good turnout,” said Thomas Bride, Executive Director of the Peoria Election Commission.

“We were actually about a percentage point higher than the last time we had a city wide primary for city council at-large, which hasn’t been since 2007 when it was the only thing on the ballot.  And not only we were a percentage point, we were actually a thousand more voters, actually a little more than a thousand more voters than we were last time,” said Bride.

The general election will be held on Tuesday, April 2, where five candidates will become the next at-large City Council members.

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