Voter turnout: Slight increase in Peoria, Tazewell County below average

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CENTRAL ILLINOIS (WMBD) — Central Illinoisans flocked to the polls Tuesday night to elect new government officials.

In Peoria, the Executive Director at Peoria County Election commission Thomas Bride told WMBD nearly 22% of Peoria city voters voted Tuesday night.

He said that is about 4% higher than the last election four years ago

Countywide, 17% of voters participated in the election; a slight increase from about 16% last term.

In Tazewell County, County Clerk John Ackerman said this year’s voter turnout was lower- at nearly 10%.

In previous years he said the county averages between 13 and 18%.

He attributed this year’s low election turnout to multiple incumbents and uncontested people on the ballots.

“Citizens are not gonna come out and vote if it’s just uncontested races. They are gonna come out when you actually have valid competition and there are actually choices to be made,” Ackerman said.

Back in Peoria County, it’s still a close race for the Peoria mayoral seat.

Jim Montelongo has a slight lead over Rita Ali, but the election commission still has to count outstanding mail-in ballots.

Election commissions have two weeks to finalize votes.

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