PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — The Body Project at Bradley University held the 5th annual National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA) walk at the university.

The Body Project partnered with the association and OSF Healthcare to shine a light on the disorder.

Hanne Dahl, The Body Project event planner, said the NEDA walk brings much-needed recognition, and having support is crucial for those struggling with the disorder.

“Eating disorders do feel very isolating, so just having this supportive group of people here standing behind you, I think, is really impactful,” said Dahl.

An eating disorder specialist and one of Bradley’s counselors, Lisa Fix, said the walk is important on many levels.

“A lot of it is just for people to celebrate that are in recovery, to honor people who’ve passed because of the illness, and just to raise those funds,” said Fix.

Fix said the funds from the walk go to research and programs at NEDA that can help with the disorder.

A Bradley alum and the keynote speaker, Taylor Meinhold, shared her experience of dealing with the illness.

“When I’m trying to prepare a meal when I’m trying to go out to eat. I logically know it’s ok…but I physically have that anxiety that is creating a barrier for me to be able to get where I want to go,” said Meinhold.

The NEDA walk has currently raised $2,540 0ut of a $5,000 goal. Coordinators said donations are still welcomed.