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WASHINGTON, Ill (WMBD) — City leaders in Washington are considering whether to move forward with a new recycling service.

Washington city leaders will determine if they are interested in doing business with Peoria Disposal Company. The contract will give those participating a few options on how to recycle.

“Part of being a successful business is getting new customers and Washington is a great, would be a great big new customer. We would love to have their waste, but what we are really pushing for is to get their recycling,” said Eric Shangraw, municipal marketing manager of PDC.

Taking your recycling to the curb in the city of Washington will look a little different if the city partners with Peoria Disposal Company.

“We’re gonna give you a cart for your trash and a cart for your recycling, and you’ll have either two sizes, a 65 gallon or a 95 gallon cart to pick from,” said Shangraw.

Shangraw says people will have to throw all recycling in a big cart.

“We have automated equipment that will tip these carts. So, you know, our guys, if you’re throwing garbage by hand, you’re throwing about 20 thousand pounds a day. Well, over time that takes a toll on your body,” said Shangraw.

Shangraw also says the recycling cart is included in the package which he says is about $15.00 a month.

Mayor Gary Manier explains what to expect during the transition if it happens.

“I believe they will be using the blue totes that we have currently, that a lot of people have and people will be able to keep those if they would like. But, after this is in service, they won’t be able to use them any longer,” said Mayor Manier.

Mayor Manier hopes the new service will get more people taking care of the environment.

“Hopefully, it will encourage people to recycle more, anytime you can encourage people to recycle I think it’s a good idea,” said Manier.

Manier says as early as next Tuesday, city council could vote on the proposed partnership.

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