Washington Community High School introduces season tickets for football games

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WASHINGTON, Ill. — High School football season is one week away and Washington Community High School is preparing for upcoming games.

George Garcia, a parent at WCHS, said he’s ready to root for his team.

“These kids play good ball. I mean it’s exciting to go to the games,” Garcia said.

WCHS recently upgraded the field. The bleachers were reconstructed creating more seats, but some for a higher price.

Previously, there were only 1,500 seats. Now, there are 2,500 seats available. However, 250 of those seats are reserved for families who purchase season tickets.

Season tickets are $75 per person and allow ticket holders to sit in the reserved section at the 50-yard-line.

This fundraiser was a proposal by the 12th man. This is a group that strives to improve school facilities and help students.

The money raised from season tickets is supposed to help fund a machine that will be used to clean the turf. This machine costs approximately 7,000 dollars.

WCHS superintendent, Dr. Kyle Freeman, said the rest of the money will go toward new equipment, fitness centers and more.

“All of this money goes back to the kids..,” Dr. Freeman said. “Anything we can do to take some of the burdens off of the local taxpayer and provide safety for our kids I think that’s a good move.”

Some parents are not happy about paying more for prime seats.

On Facebook, a woman named Julie Reichel wrote, “Kind of unbelievable a public school can do this.”

She doesn’t think WCHS should charge $75 for season tickets and believes there are other ways the school can raise money.

It’s not required to purchase season tickets, but those who do can sit in the reserved area, while others who pay general admission can sit anywhere else.

The center section is not completely filled there are open rows in front of and behind the reserved seating.

If the reserved section is not filled on game day then the open spots will be available to others.

Garcia said he thinks this is a good idea.

“I can’t understand the people being upset about them trying to raise money because they’re giving you an opportunity to sit where…you want to sit,” he said.

Garcia said he supports the school because he wants what is best for his kids.

Dr. Freeman said this is a pilot program and can be subject to change.

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