WASHINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — An issue that caused a boil order to be issued for a large portion of the City of Washington is a step towards being resolved.

On Monday, Washington city leaders discovered that a chlorine feeder at one of its water treatment plants wasn’t operating correctly.

“When we treat well water we treat it with different chemicals to make it drinkable, and one of the key elements is chlorine,” said Jim Snider, Washington city administrator.

The chlorine feeder malfunction led to a boil order being issued for a large portion of the city while the issue is fixed.

“The water is safe to use for everything but drinking,” Snider said.

The boil order has caused Washington businesses, especially those within the food industry, to adapt in the meantime.

Brendan Axelson, a manager at Michael’s Italian Feast in Washington, said they are taking a few extra precautions until the order is lifted.

“We just boil extra water throughout the day for our handwashing station, for prepping food like washing lettuce,” Axelson said. “Then we had to switch to doing bottled sodas instead of our soda fountain.”

As of Tuesday afternoon, the issue with the chlorine feeder has been resolved.

City officials are now awaiting water sample testing results from the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency before usage returns to normal. The testing results are expected on Wednesday.

“It’s never enjoyable to have to deal with difficulty but that’s part of what we do, we have a responsibility to provide these services,” Snider said.

Dr. Kyle Freeman, superintendent of Washington Community High School, said they are accustomed to working around boil orders and safe water is being provided for students.