The Washington Park District hosted the 14th Annual Washington Arts Festival on Saturday and Sunday.

The festival showcased the craftsmanship of those in the community.

Jewelry, ceramics, paintings and pottery were just some of the art mediums on display this weekend.

Coordinators said although this is the 14th year for the event, it’s is only the eighth year the Washington Park District hosted the festival.

This year also came with its fair share of issues.

The park district’s recreation manager Scott Wood said the festival lost a few vendors due to Saturday night’s storm.

“Unfortunately we lost a few vendors, there’s a few artists who decided not to come back,” Wood said. “They lost their tents. I want to say around seven tents were lost unfortunately.”

How ever, Woods said it was still great to see the work local artists can do.

“It’s pretty impressive when you walk through and just see that these artists put in a lot of time and effort into what they do,” Wood said.

Linda Cordes, a local vendor, creates fluid acrylic paintings and she said this was her fifth year participating in the festival.

“It’s really been a lot of fun,” Cordes said. “I like to make this a thing I do every year.”

Cordes said she also loves colors and how abstract fluid acrylic is.

“Everyone’s an unique individual,” Cordes said. “I feel like my art is that way to. And this kind of art allows me to do basically anything I can dream of. It’s a lot of fun that way.”

Cordes said selling the art is nice but creating art is her source of joy.

“I think it’s just because of the unlimited possibilities that art inspires me so much,” Cordes said. “There are no limits. Even if it never sells to anyone and no one else likes it…The satisfaction I get in making it gives me a lot of joy and happiness.”

Despite the bad weather, coordinators said the festival was a success and they’re looking forward to nicer weather next year once the festival returns.