Washington PD warns of scam mail being sent

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Washington Chief of Police Michael McCoy is warning the community of scam mail that has been sent out.

In this scam, a package with “PRIORITY MAIL” written on the outside is delivered to homes. When opened, there is a letter thanking the person for their interest in a survey project, and asking them to take the enclosed cashiers check for $1,900, and to deposit it in their bank with funds being available in 24 hours.

They are then asked to withdraw $1,600, keeping $300 for the trouble of being part of the survey project, and then going to Kroger, Walmart or Target to purchase iTunes gift cards.

The letter asks the person to send the numbers off of the cards in an email, in addition to answering questions about their shopping experience.

Once completed, the scammers have the iTunes numbers and they can use them for cash.

When  the bank discovers that the cashiers check is not valid, the person will be held liable. 

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