Washington Police Department offers “tips” on crime reporting

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WASHINGTON Ill. (WMBD) — The Washington Police urges people to be more “sensitive” to others’ feelings when submitting crime tips.

The department trolled on Facebook Thursday saying more positive tips properly credit a person’s performance.

“Joe is a rotten thief,” maybe hyperbolic if you really meant that Joe allegedly misappropriated an item. Joe’s disappointment with your language may contribute to his desire to lash out, becoming a better thief to avoid being called “rotten.” Joe’s kids may hear this characterization in court, which could affect their self-image. It’s possible that low self-image may create inattention to personal hygiene, contributing to pandemic. A more positive tip properly credits a person’s performance. “Joe is an excellent thief, as he spirited away Jill’s gas grill in the dark of night, carrying it in his ‘87 Honda as shown in the attached video. He placed it attractively on his back porch at 123 Main and made wonderful burgers with meat allegedly misappropriated from Lindy’s about 5 PM last Sunday.”

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