WASHINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — The city of Washington is creating a comprehensive plan to determine goals for general community development.

The city’s mayor, Gary Menier, said the plan usually spans over ten years and the that the city hasn’t had one since 2001.

He said one of the ideas they’re proposing is using the extra parking spaces in Washington Plaza as green spaces, or moving more business in to fill them.

With the approval of the property’s owner, he said this can change the zoning laws on the property which require a minimum parking count for each land use.

“Obviously zoning will have to match that we have to make sure the owner is on board with that so you have to go through planning zoning go through a couple hearings to make sure they’re ok with changing it,” said Mayor Manier.

In a Facebook post, the city of Washington stated they want to remove the zoning code on some properties, so they can evaluate on how to use the land effectively.

Mayor Manier said the comprehensive plan will be voted on in mid-September.