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Authorities in McLean county are sending a warning about a new scam in the area. The McLean County Sheriff’s Office says scammers are using unknown numbers to call people’s phones.

When they answer the scammer is posing as either Lieutenant Price or Sargent  Campbell, from the Bloomington Police Department, and is saying you owe money or face a warrant for skipping jury duty.

They then ask you to go to a local retailer buy a gift card, or I-tunes card, and give them the information from it so they can take the money.

“The McLean County Sheriff’s Department will never call you to tell you that you have a warrant and you need to turn yourself in,” said Jeff Kretlow first shift Field Supervisor at the Sheriff’s Office. “If we have a warrant for you we will come find you and tell you in person, so don’t fall for the scam and don’t give them any money.”

The McLean County Sheriff’s Office says this is not the first or last time a scam like this will happen and urges you to be very cautious when answering unknown numbers.

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