BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — A frozen pipe that burst over the weekend left behind water damage at a local government office.

Multiple laptops and phones were ruined in water at the McLean County Clerk’s Office this past Saturday after a pipe burst due to the frigid cold temperatures in the area. County Clerk, Kathy Michael said she was alerted Saturday night about the ruptured pipe but was assured by maintenance staff they were on it.

Michael said when she walked in Monday morning, most of the water seemed to be in her office and another room she called the bridge that staff work out of on election night.

Some election records were also ruined in the flooding, but Michael said nothing was permanently lost as a result.

“Here in what we call the bridge is election night and we have all of our election records in here but we also have those backed up on computer, but I like the folders and files that you can just reach and all of those were just soaked, but we can re-do those it’s just time-consuming,” Michael said.

Vital records were unaffected by the ruptured pipe.

Michael said she lost a personal memento due to the water; a picture of her with President Ronald Reagan. She said it serves as a reminder to have duplicates of any photo that is meaningful to you.