Weaver Angus Farm May Be Seeing Some Change Soon

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Some changes may be on its way to Weaver Angus Farm.

The Weaver family has been living on the farm since 1948.

Since then, the wants and needs of the family have changed, leading to some decisions that have to be made in the near future.

“My father started out as a farmer and then just kept working and trying things and ended up in the Kentucky Fried Chicken business,” said State Senator Chuck Weaver, (R) Peoria. “And that’s when the farm became a little bit more of an icon to the community.”

If you’re from the Peoria-area, you’ve probably passed by Weaver Angus Farm on the city’s northwest side.

“I’ve been in Peoria for 30 years, and everybody likes to see the farm when you drive by and see the fences,” said Denis Cyr, 5th District Councilman.

And it brings back a lot of great memories for the Weaver family.

“I grew up here,” said Weaver. “And it’s been a very important part of our family and I’ve just really enjoyed living here.”

But after the original owners, Robert and Virginia Weaver, passed away in 2014 and 2015, some of the family is considering selling individual interest in the farm.

“We’ve had meeting involved with all the three neighborhoods that surround us and especially the folks right here next to us, next to the polo field,” said Weaver.

22 acres of the farm will be left for the family to live on.

The other 92 acres could be used for new endeavors.

“There’s no buyers we have,” said Weaver. “We’re not working with any developers. We’re just zoning for the long-term to try and have a good plan for what could happen here.”

The Weavers plan to send an application to the Planning and Zoning Commission by the end of the month.

“The City is going to look at all the different departments that will get involved and look at the zoning,” said Cyr.

No matter what happens to the 92 acres in the future, the farm will always be home for the Weaver family.

“My goal, personally, was try to keep some things that just really represented my mom and dad’s heritage,” said Weaver.

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