PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Anyone driving into Peoria on SW Adams Street may have seen a new sign as they entered the city.

According to a City of Peoria news release, the 6-foot-tall and 14-foot-wide sign says “Welcome to Peoria,” in Aluminum letters. The sign is located on Adams Street between Oregon and Nevada Street.

The sign is on top of a brick base and is illuminated by LED lights.

“We are excited to see Peoria’s newest welcome sign come to completion and be yet another
beautiful highlight in our City,” Public Works Director Rick Powers said. “Public Works will be
ambitious with the expansion of other welcome signs on other City corridors in the coming

The sign’s design and installation cost $27,000. It was designed and installed by Zendavor Signs and Graphics. The sign was funded by TIF funds. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, more than 18,000 vehicles pass the sign location daily.

Additional signs are expected to be installed at other entrances to the city.