BLOOMINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — The West Bloomington Revitalization Project hosted it annual Harvest Fest on Saturday.

The group held a block party with the focus being arts in the garden.

Those who attended were able to participate in arts, crafts, games and even sing for the crowd.

Members of the revitalization project said they wanted the community to enjoy themselves by mixing fun with the nice weather.

Kristen Buhrmann, president of WBRP, said they are bringing activities like an art festival to a community that doesn’t usually get them.

“Harvest Fest is important to have in our community because it’s bringing entertainment and fun to a community that typically that gets underrepresented and doesn’t get these type of activities all the time,” said Buhrmann.

She said she’s looking forward to the growth of the Harvest Fest for years to come.