Wet, warm weather increases amount of mosquitoes in Illinois

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The Illinois Department of Public Health says flooding from this spring is leading to more mosquitoes this summer.

If you want to avoid being bit by mosquitoes, The Department of Public Health recommends avoiding the outdoors between dusk and dawn, wearing light clothes over all exposed skin and using mosquito repellent.

While wet weather attracts nuisance mosquitoes, and in almost every case not carriers of the West Nile Virus, nature experts still recommend protecting yourself from getting bitten as insects of all kind really thrive in warm and wet temperatures.

Susie Grana Ingram of the Forest Park Nature Center says you can expect to see many mosquitoes in stagnant bodies of water this summer.

They can collect in old tires and little recesses in the ground. Any animal that has a larvae or a life stage in a little shallow pool of water is probably going to have a good year this year.”

Susie Grana Ingram

Grana Ingram says mosquitoes will usually be less around running bodies of water, and while they can be nuisances and harmful to humans, some animals out in nature benefit from them by eating them.

You’re going to be more at risk if you have an open bloody part of your mosquito bite. So if you scratch it to that extent, that’s something that doesn’t seem to happen frequently, a mosquito bite getting infected, but anytime you have an open wound that’s always a possibility.”

Susie Grana Ingram

Grana Ingram says that mosquitoes aren’t the only insects that will be prominent outside due to the warm and wet weather.

We can see butterflies, moths, grass hoppers, crickets, preying mantises. We can see non-insect arthropods like spiders, mollusks like slugs and snails that really do well in moist environments.”

Susie Grana Ingram

To learn more information, you can visit the Illinois Department of Public Health’s website

Grana Ingram advises those bitten to avoid directly scratching on mosquito bites. She instead suggests to rub around the bite or apply medications such as Witch Hazel or Calamine.

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