PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Spring cleaning is in full swing, but what is the best thing to do with your unwanted items?

“What we’re doing is we’re recycling,” said Executive Director at Habitat for Humanity Restore Peoria, LeAnne Schmidgall said.

At Habitat for Humanity Restore in Peoria, Schmidgall said they are always looking for gently used items and furniture. She said now is the perfect time to donate.

“Some people do just throw things away, and we can use them here and someone can pick them up, and it would be a wonderful thing for [us] to have,” said Schmidgall.

If traveling is an issue, Schmidgall said they can pick it up for you. People are encouraged to contact their hotline number at 309-676-8402. Schmidgall said photos of items are also required before pick up.

Schmidgall said by donating used stuff, it’s also helping with their mission at Habitat Restore.

“It helps us to build new houses and help people in the community,” said Schmidgall.

However, not all items are accepted at Habitat for Humanity Restore.

“We do not accept appliances that don’t work because we don’t have anybody to fix those,” said Schmidgall.

That’s not the case for the Gone Mad Rage Room in Downtown Peoria, all people have to do is get suited, booted, and take a swing.

Co-Owner of Gone Mad Rage, Sara Ruder, said they rely on donations and partnerships with local businesses to keep items stocked.

Ruder said if people don’t want to use the items they provide, they can bring their own.

“Just bring that in, go at it, and then we clean it up for ya. We do not accept the old, boxy TVs, or any liquid-filled items,” said Ruder.

Ruder said not only are people getting rid of their items, but getting rid of some stress too.

“Kind of like spring-cleaning, for your garage or your basement, coming in here and breaking this stuff can kind of be mentally cleansing as well if you are going through some stuff right now,” said Ruder.