DUNLAP, Ill. (WMBD) — Wheels O’ Time, a museum in Dunlap which showcases antique cars and other past relics, opened today for not only its new season, but also its 40th anniversary.

The museum showed off some new exhibits, including a presidential barbershop chorus and a phone booth. The museum prides itself on being interactive, and encourages visitors to push buttons and immerse themselves in an older time.

The museum also wants children and young adults to be able to experience that which has been lost. Executive Director Laura Evancho said that seeing children enjoy the museum connects back to what the founders wanted.

“The mission we have is preserving the past for the enjoyment and education of future generations, so when we see the future generations here enjoying the past, then we feel like we’ve done what we set out to do,” Evancho said.

During the offseason, the museum added new parking bricks and solar panels. With the new panels, the museum now produces about 90% of the energy they consume.