PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — One business in Peoria closed permanently at the beginning of 2023, but not for the reasons people might think.

Whiskey City Salvage, on Jefferson Ave., is having a liquidation sale in March because the owner of the business wants to spend more time with family.

The store has been open since 2015, and now, those who want to attend have the opportunity to purchase their salvaged items in March.

“Whether it’s through a retail store like this, or somebody buys it [salvaged items] to resell it, ultimately, I want to see it saved. It’s never been about money for me, but yeah, I would like to see all this stuff find a home,” said Whiskey City Salvage Owner Bill Sullivan.

Sullivan said his children aren’t getting any younger and can spend time with them while they’re growing up, as he’s also a local firefighter.

He said he would love to see somebody take over his business, or even start their own salvaging business.

There will be a liquidation sale from March 2-March 5, and from March 9-March 12.