PEORIA COUNTY, Ill (WMBD) — Wildlife Prairie Park needs your help naming two new majestic creatures.

The white bison, rare in it’s appearance, are roaming around happily but need an identity. The park acquired the rare animal earlier in 2020 and keeps them separated from the other bison.

There are six names you can choose from to name this couple: Tatonka and Lakota, Olaf and Snow Flake, and Bill and Hazel.

“Right now, Tatonka and Lakota are winning, I’m gonna guess because they are Native American names and these are bison,” said Adrienne Bauer, wildlife director at Wildlife Prairie Park.

“They are really rare, these guys are leucistic, and so that’s not really common but it’s not a complete delusion of their color, so luckily they don’t have as many health issues as something that’s albino would,” said Bauer.

Here’s the link to donate for naming the bison.

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