HANNA CITY, Ill. (WMBD) — Wildlife Prairie Park announced that its rare white bison Tatanka has died.

According to a Wildlife Prairie Park press release, Park staff first noticed something was wrong when Tatanka did not come for its regular feeding on Sept. 24 and reported sluggish behavior.

After a day, the park veterinarian administered a common antibiotic. When his condition did not improve, they feared it might be an aggressive parasite, and administered additional medication.

“We were hopeful this drug was going to help, or at least get him strong enough for a more hands-on exam,” said Wildlife Prairie Park CEO Roberta English. “Unfortunately, he died before that could happen.”

An autopsy was performed on Oct.1, and organ tissues were sent to the Iowa State Veterinary School of Medicine.

“While Tantaka lived separate from the main herd, we are closely monitoring the rest of the bison and elk for similar symptoms and are taking precautionary measures to prevent any potential spread,” English said.

Tatanka was one of two white bison to come to Wildlife Prairie Park in 2020.