Who is Dr. Maude A. Sanders?

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The name Maude Sanders, rings bells across Peoria, but why?

During a time when segregation was heavy, Dr. Sanders was the very first black female doctor in the river city.

“She was told many times that there were no “black beds” available,” said her daughter Carol Caldwell-Graham. “Shes had patients to die because they couldn’t get in to get the treatment they needed.”

Her healing hands were sought after by many.

“They would be sitting outside, her office would be full and patients would be sitting outside waiting to get in to her,” said Graham.

Her compassionate and genuine heart is what kept her office slammed.

“My mother did not retire until she was 90 years old because she was afraid that her people wouldnt get the care that she would give,” said Graham.

So of course, its no surprise she’s getting a school named after her.

This joins the endless list of her accolades, including being named in the encyclopedia of African-American women.

“I think she’s deserving of a school, a street whatever they can find to name after her, because her legacy needs to be carried on,” said Dorthy Lamon.

Dorthy Lamon was one of Dr. Sanders’ very first patients.

Lamon said, “If you couldn’t get to her office she would come to your house and very few doctors made house visits.”

Soon when you drive down Forrest Hill you’ll see the name of a Peoria legend who didn’t talk the talk, but walked the walk.

“She’s a the true example, she lived the Hippocratic oath,” said Graham.

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