PEORIA, Ill. (WMBD) — Peoria Public Schools (PPS) and the Peoria Federation of Teachers will meet with a federal mediator Tuesday to discuss contract agreements.

Three board members declined to comment on the mediation during the Peoria Public School Board meeting on Monday.

Superintendent, Dr. Sharon Kherat, said it would most likely take several meetings, but she said they are hopeful they can come to an agreement.

PPS teachers are still working without a contract.

Some teachers sat at the meeting Monday with signs reading working without a contract.

During the comment portion, one Peoria parent, Marybeth Cunningham, raised concerns about the growing class size. Cunningham frequently added, “we need help” after every other sentence.

“Only 26, you watch 26 second graders… one who has a communication device, one who needs a one-on-one, two with mobility issues, and a ton of kids who are not even close to grade level, traumatized kids, kids with food insecurity,” said Cunningham.

Another ongoing debate discussed was the dress code for high schoolers.

Data from the PPS survey indicates that 68% of parents and staff want to see the dress code updated.

In the survey, the proposed dress code said students could wear hoodies and spaghetti straps could be worn. PPS Board Member, Dr. Anni Reinking, said the survey indicated those two changes as actual concerns from the community.

“The biggest issue with the community was the idea that hoodies can be worn up and spaghetti straps and halters, so we suggested taking those out,” said Reinking.

Click here to see the proposed dress code that will go to the policy committee.