Will the future of security be led by robots? AITX president says yes

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SAN JUAN CAPISTRANO, CA. (WMBD) — Could the future of security be led by robots?

Artificial Intelligence Technology Solutions — commonly known as AITX — thinks so.

The company’s President, Steve Reinharz, joined Matt Sheehan & Shelbey Roberts on Good Day Central Illinois Thursday morning to talk how the company is aiming to spearhead the next phase of the industrial evolution.

“We’ve used artificial intelligence with robotics in a variety of different services to perform different tasks that are normally done by humans, but can now be done by our services at a fraction of the cost. This allows more services to be delivered to more people because of those economics,” Reinharz said.

There’s some talk that AITX could soon be on the NASDAQ, Reinharz discussed the future financials of the company with Matt and Shelbey.

“The first step is going to be moving from the OTC pinks to the QB. I expect to do that in the next several months. From there I want to see where we’re at in terms of growth trajectory, financing, in terms of our uptick. Those will be the factors that allow me to decide what’s in the shareholder’s best interest and what’s the timing for the move to NASDAQ. Is the move to NASDAQ in our future? I believe it is. The timing, we’ll have to see,” Reinharz said.

A huge part of AITX’s brand is RAD, or Robotic Assistance Devices. A part of this is the ROAMEO, or the Rugged Observation Assistance Mobile Electronic Officer.

The robots are set to provide safety to communities while saving costs to the buyer. Reinharz said this is a very relevant topic to today’s discussion around community-policing.

“We have some rebalancing happening in law enforcement, bringing more social services into response for law enforcement. We want to deliver more community services along with essential security services in under-served communities so we can do a better job in society servicing all elements of our country,” Reinharz said.

So could robot officers become more normal in today’s society? Reinharz says yes.

“We have a small, growing army of engineers working to bring that to real life. That is part of our long-term vision, to bring this highly-interactive security and social services-focused robots,” Reinharz said.

But while people might think RoboCop when they see these robots, Reinharz said his products are different.

“Our climate has changed in terms of that heavy-handed, RoboCop type image. It’s really fallen out of favor because we know that kind of direction leads to injustice and application of bias. What we’re doing, is we’re taking a very holistic look at what services humans provide, and how we can bring AI to provide those same services,” Reinharz said. “The reason for any kind of automation is to provide valuable services at a lower cost which allows these services to be spread across more communities.”

Reinharz said his products would help deter loiterers, car break-ins, and provide health screenings.

“We have a specific workflow developed or under development in order to solve those problems today,” Reinharz said.

Reinharz said his products aren’t aimed at completely taking away police officers, but instead offering law enforcement agencies a helpful tool to be in more places at once.

“RAD expects to play a big part in the way communities of all types, and at all levels, can reimagine security, safety and public service. We are actively working with law enforcement and government agencies to make available valuable, autonomous services to segments of the public that have traditionally been under served,” Reinharz said.

“Communities will add RAD solutions to supplement social and police services in a non-biased manner that allows under-served communities to benefit from new technology. These friendly ‘robotic’ devices are designed to complement existing law enforcement and public service personnel and help decision-makers assign valuable and appropriate human resources in real-time,” Reinharz said.

You can find Reinharz and AITX on Twitter @AITXRAD and @SteveReinharz.

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