Wind turbines coming through central Illinois may cause traffic problems for some

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LACON, Ill.–Many central Illinoisans might be having some major traffic issues due to some wind turbines coming into the area.

These turbines were made in South Korea and Vietnam.

They were shipped by boat to New Orleans, placed on barges, and sent right here to central Illinois.

Lacon’s mayor and a local business owner say having these turbines come through Lacon has brought more people into town as well.

“I came in early to be here, I wanted to see it myself. It was really nice to see. We had a lot of people in town and we had some business because of it that came in the morning,” said Michael Hubbard, Owner of The Coffee Hub.

These turbines are being brought to Midwest Foundation in Lacon. If things go according to plan, crews will work from now to September 2 to move them to the turbines’ final destination.

“They come south on North Main Street to Route 17 here which is 5th Street. They come up 5th street to the Junction where 26 and 17 meet and head south on 26. You gotta go all the way to 116 in order to move eastward,” said Lacon mayor John Wabel.

Wabel says the popularity of wind energy is the reason the company had the ship the turbines from Asia.

“The company that makes them also has a factory here in the United States, but as they told me, Illinois is a hot bid for wind farms right now and that factory is at full capacity. So there was no other place to get them at the schedule they wanted so they came from there,” Wabel said.

Michael Hubbard shared the experience on The Coffee Hub’s Facebook page and many locals came to see the turbines go by.

“We did a live video this morning and some photos and asked everybody to come join us for lunch cause they were coming back between 12 and 12:30, so we had a full house in here,” Hubbard said.

Unfortunately the 12:30 p.m. convoy was cancelled Wednesday afternoon, but if you are interested in seeing the wind turbines go through Lacon again, they’ll be driving through at 5:30 a.m. on Thursday.

There are 114 units that make up 38 towers. Each tower is comprised of three pieces each, and the transportation company plans to move the units for two towers each day.

The project is planned to last 19 days.

The convoys start at Midwest Foundation on Main Street in Lacon. They head south on Main St. to Route 17 (5th Street). They then travel down 5th St. to the junction where Route 26 and 17 meet then head south on 26.

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