Winter cleanup continues on rural roads

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Throughout central Illinois, highway cleanup crews have been battling winter storms. For rural areas the biggest challenge is working around strong winds on flat terrain.

In Tazewell County, engineer Craig Fink says township roads are built differently than city streets making it difficult to operate heavy snowplow equipment.

“We have times where we can’t have people out there responding to emergencies,” said Fink. He adds, “We do have to worry about running are blades down prematurely just from the friction.”

To get ahead of the storm and prevent roadways from being completely blocked off by snow, Fink says communication between other county crews is essential.

“We concentrate all of our resources, man power, equipment, materials such as salt to make sure that are effort is maximized during the morning and evening commute,” Fink explained.

If you live in a rural area and you believe your streets are not being plowed properly, Fink says the public is always welcome to call the highway department and request for a cleanup.

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