With another snow storm approaching, officials are urging you to watch out for black ice

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With a snow storm approaching leaders in McLean County want to make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay safe. 

This weekend several Central Illinois Public Works crews will be out scrapping snow off the ground. But as you might know, there’s a good chance your neighborhood will not clear right away. 

“Most communities will be taking care of their major snow routes,” said Bloomington Public Works Director, Jim Karch. “They will make sure they are keeping those clear and safe for people to travel, but the side streets probably wont have been touched much.”

Unlike the snow storm that hit last weekend, temperatures, this time, are expected to dip below freezing.

“When the temperatures plummet salt begins to be a lot less effective,” said Karch. “When you start getting below 20 degrees salt becomes significantly less effective.”

With those freezing temperatures, driving instructor and President of Reeder Driving School in Bloomington, Elizabeth Reeder, is urging you to watch out for black ice.

“When the temperatures get below the point of freezing, it will cause water on the pavement to freeze,” she said. “Spotting black ice on the black top is hard to see over concrete, concrete is easier for you to see.”

Reeder says a good tip is to look at the back tires of the car in front of you. If you can see a trail of snow shooting up because of the tires, it means the ground in front of you is just wet. If there’s no trail, it means the road is getting slicker. 

“You want to also remember, when you come up to corners, make sure that you slow down and that you accelerate gently through,” said Reeder. “A lot of people step on the gas fast and that causes their car to spin, fishtail, etc.”

One last tip is, if your car happens to get stuck, do what Reeder calls ‘rocking the car’. Where you keep all four wheels straight, reverse and drive forward several times. 

She says this will help wedge the car out of the snow, and she advises not to slam on the gas because it could get you more wedged into the snow.

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