WMBD SPECIAL INVESTIGATION PART II: What happened to Robert Bee Junior?

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A 13-year-old Pekin boy went missing last November. 8 months later his remains were found by a man mowing his lawn on a rural piece of property in Tazewell County. But, there’s no explanation for what happened to Robert Bee Junior.

WMBD has been digging through documents and talking to people trying to answer that question in a 2-part special investigation.

“I picture it in my head everyday. I don’t, I don’t ever have a normal day like everybody else.” Robert Bee Junior’s Mother, Lisa Bee, explains.

Lisa says her son’s death has tortured her every day since his remains were found in late July. But, she admits she wasn’t a perfect parent when he was alive.

“I might not have been the best parent that I should have or I gave my sons a little too much freedom, but I will protect them at all costs.” Lisa says.

Lisa calls Robert her miracle baby and says losing him made her world stop.

“I sit and I think about why, why they would want to do that to a 14-year-old boy that was full of life.” Lisa says.

We asked Lisa for her response to the people who believe she knows more about her son’s death than she’s saying.

“Nope, he’s, my son’s my life. I made a promise to both my kids I would die for my kids they were my everything.”

In a document we obtained during our investigation, Lisa Bee filed for an Order of Protection against a man she says is a former boyfriend on September 30th, 2016, 7 weeks before her son Robert ran away. In that document, Lisa says the man was inside her home and that she is afraid for her safety and her son’s life. She also mentions that same man was at the park trying to get her son to come up to his vehicle.

“He was outside my bedroom window and he was hollering through the bedroom window that I could run but I couldn’t hide.” Lisa says.

We asked Lisa if she believes that man is capable of killing her son.

“He was capable of anything.” Lisa says.

The month after Bee ran away, the Order of Protection was denied by a Tazewell County Judge.

Still, Lisa maintains she doesn’t know what happened to her son.

“I wish I did. Cops ask me all the time if I have any idea. No. I’m losing hope though because no one’s coming forward.” Lisa says.

“I will not change my stance. Somebody still has some information and they don’t want to come forward with it.” Pekin Police Chief John Dossey says.

Pekin Police Chief John Dossey says his department has followed up on thousands of tips since day one.

“Many of the things that people suggest we’ve done, we’ve done it again and again. Recommending search warrants and talking to people we’ve done.” Chief Dossey says.

He is determined not to let this case go cold.

“I don’t thing we’re in a position where we’re going to give up on it. There’s been cases that have gone many, many years and eventually get solved.” Chief Dossey says.

But at this point, no arrests have been made and little information has been released.

We asked Chief Dossey if he feels like progress has been made, one year later.

“I’d say yes. We, since day one, had been up on things we felt weren’t necessarily right from the beginning and they took caution to do that or to look at things from that aspect.” Chief Dossey says.

One year later, a 13-year-old boy’s death and disappearance, still a mystery.

“I feel horrible he’ll never be married, he’ll never graduate high school, and his mom will not have grandchildren.” Mary Jane Richards says.

“Bonsai, you have a world behind you that loves you.” Bobette Spillman says.

“I’m going to keep fighting everyday until I get that justice I will keep fighting.” Lisa says.

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