Woodford County leaders are now prepared for a potential flood

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WOODFORD COUNTY, Ill. — This year’s flooding caused a lot of damage for most of us in Central Illinois, it even forced businesses to shut down. So on Thursday Woodford County leaders came together to figure out what they can do to minimize the destruction flooding would have on people.

“Planning is the key to success,” said Kent McCanless, Director of Woodford County Emergency Management Agency. “If you don’t plan, you fail. You want to know ahead of time what you are going to do, how you’re going to do, and when you’re going to do it.”

The agencies also talked about what would happen if the Evergreen Lake Dam broke. They say even though the lake is in Hudson, the fallout would spill over city lines. 

“I was not aware of how wide ranging, once the dam would break, how far out (the effects would reach),” said Joe Darter, Property Manager for Bloomington Public Works, Water Division. “You tend to think of your own little area, so this was a very good discussion.”

Leaders say this type of emergency planning is important because unlike other natural disasters that are difficult to predict, in this case, it’s very helpful. 

“Because this plan has been put together, we kind of know where the affected area is going to be,” said Matt Smith, Woodford County Sheriff. “Where as a tornado, we don’t know till the event is done what the affected area is going to be. We know that here, so we are able to know what everyone’s role is going to be.” 

Leaders say now that the planning is done, next year, they will visit the lake and physically map out whats needed during flood seasons. 

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